Zendaya and Tom Holland go on a romantic trip to Venice

Zendaya and Tom Holland go on a romantic trip to Venice
May 2023

Zendaya and Tom Holland are enjoying themselves on a well earned vacation to Italy. The couple has been photographed making the most of the country over the past week. Recently, they were spotted in Venice, with the two looking stylish as they took in the city and rode aboard a water taxi.
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Photos show Holland and Zendaya holding on to each other as they do different activities. In one photo, Holland wears a jean jacket, some sunglasses and tan pants while Zendaya wears an oversized black coat over a grey dress. A second photo shows the two boarding a water taxi, with Holland having removed his jacket.
Over the past week, the two were photographed hugging, talking closely and enjoying each other's attention, showing a different side of themselves. While the pair are often photographed together, they are relatively private, keeping their relationship to themselves. On that same trip, Zendaya attended a Bulgari event alongside Anne Hathaway and Priyanka Chopra, with the tree being brand ambassadors.
A recent insider said that the pair have been trying to find a partner for Jenna Ortega. "Zendaya and Tom are so happy together, and she wants to find Jenna that kind of love too," shared an insider to RadarOnline. The insider also revealed that Zendaya is invested in Ortega finding a British partner. "She's got it in her head that Jenna needs to date a British guy," said the source.